ML Disposal Service Frequently Asked Questions

What items do you dispose of?

ML Disposal will take most non-hazardous materials such as construction, renovation, or demolition debris, yard materials, green waste, household furniture, appliances, junk materials, garbage, building materials such as drywall, roofing, cement, concrete, bricks, asphalt and more.

We can also make special arrangements to deal with your unique situation. If you give us a call, we're sure to have dealt with cleanups like yours before.


Are there items you won't pick up?

There are some items we aren't able to pick up, usually hazardous materials such as gasoline, chemicals, oils, or toxic waste. If you give us a call, we can outline our restricted items, and let you know if your specific situation falls under it.


Where will you put the bin?

When delivering the bin on-site we work with you to determine where is the best and safest location for bins to be placed. We need to consider the truck's ability to load it, as well as trees, carports, garages and more when determining where to place the bin. If you have special placement instructions, mention them when reaching out and we are happy to accommodate.


How Much Waste Can you take?

Our bins come in sizes from 7 to 20 yards, if you call us with an estimate we're able to let you know what your type of project would need.


How high can I load the rental bin?

We ask all clients to load materials only up to the top wall edge of the disposal bins provided. Overloading the bins may incur additional fees, and if loaded to unsafe levels, we will require it to be unloaded accordingly. We work with you to determine the bins required and can correct issues if you feel you under-estimated the sizing.


How fast can we get a disposal bin?

We work with a wide variety of schedules and can accommodate short notice bins, of the same-day or next-day requirements. Give us a call and we can coordinate with you a date and time to drop off the bins.


How are disposal services priced?

Our disposal bin rental service depends on what materials, size of bin, and amount of waste that needs to be transferred. If you contact us for a quote, we are able to outline our clear and transparent rates.


What if I need a disposal bin for longer than previously thought?

We know how unpredictable life can be, if you need to change your scheduling period, give us a call  and we're happy to accommodate for you.

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